Multichannel service facilitates the communication of business with customers.

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* 24/7 Support: questions regarding service functioning, integration and message delivery.

High service stability

QuantumTec servers architecture is designed for high loads and fault tolerance. The developed algorithms include many subsystems providing stability and smooth work of services.

Confidentiality and data protection

We respect confidentiality and protect our customers data. We guarantee that we do not pass on the data of our customers to third parties and do not use them for our own purposes.

Technologies for business

The platform is optimized and revised on a regular basis to increase speed and fault tolerance. Intelligent monitoring system tracks functioning deviations and promptly notifies the administrator on duty about an emergency situation. We carefully analyze the message delivery routes functioning in order to use the most stable and high-quality ones.

The quality of the provided services is very important for us. The correct functioning of our customer services depends on it.


You don’t need special knowledge to send messages - everything is done intuitively.


QuantumTec cares about customers and strives to provide favorable personal conditions for cooperation.

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