E-mail messaging

Brand and company promotion with personalized e-mail campaigns.

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E-mail messaging —

is one of the most inexpensive and effective business tools for marketing communication with a large base of company subscribers and customers.


Informing customers about all kinds of promotions, discounts, special offers and events.

Notifications of news, event announcements, invitations.

Congratulations on holidays, birthdays, significant events.

Reporting to customers on the readiness / status of the order or the execution of work.


There is an opinion that e-mails are perceived by the recipients as spam, but this is true only if the recipient didn’t give his consent to the e-mail.

The other extreme is lack of communication with your customers. They can easily forget that they gave their consent to receive your e-mails.

Work with the audience

Mailing lists are a powerful tool not only for notifying customers of new products and services. Companies that are in unceasing contact with their customers are more likely their buyer will become a fan of the brand. In order to achieve this, it’s important not only to differentiate your lists by traditional target groups, but also to take into account the personal interests of each subscriber.

On our part, we will do everything so that it will be easy and convenient for you to work with mailings and a group of recipients.

The service allows you to send personalized e-mails to your customers and analyze their behavior based on statistical data.

High speed and fault tolerance, interface to manage services and online statistics, service integration with external business automation systems using a convenient API.

Users of e-mail systems around the world can receive your e-mails if they give their prior consent to receive letters from your company (for example, by filling in a questionnaire upon a discount card receipt, filling out an order form, concluding an agreement, registering on your website, etc.).

What we offer

At first, all mailing list management is done by a single interface, where you can find a lot of tools starting from a collection of templates to the possibility to personalize messages.
Secondly, the mailing list planner is available to you. It is extremely useful for targeted work with a group of recipients. For example, sending out offers for young people can be done in the middle of the week, as they have more free time, while couples have main plans for the weekend and it will be more efficient to send an offer to the end of the week.
Reliable delivery. In statistics you will see how many letters you sent were delivered to the addressee, how many letters were opened by the addressees.
Finally, we provide full statistics of the mailings. It will allow you to analyze of the results and make the necessary amendments.
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