Basic communication with customers for any modern company.

SMS is the fastest and most reliable way to deliver short
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Communication with the customer

Communication with customers using SMS-messages is essential for doing business in different fields. Working with a customer base is a step towards brand recognition and regular customers multiplication.

Communication with customers stimulates consumer demand and loyalty, especially if you use a personalized approach to communication.

The advantage of client’s SMS-informing over E-mail distribution and calls is that the SMS-message will be exactly delivered as soon as the subscriber turns on the phone in the coverage area of the mobile operator. All incoming messages are free. It is very important for the roaming subscribers.

SMS-campaigns —

effective business marketing tool for:

Reporting to customers
on readiness / status of the order or the execution of work.

Notifications of news, event announcements, invitations.

Informing customers about promotions, discounts, special offers and events.

Congratulations on holidays, birthdays, significant events.

According to statistics 97,5% of recipients read SMS within 5 seconds upon receipt.

The recipients of the message can be subscribers of mobile networks around the world who have given their prior consent to receive messages from your company (for example, by filling in a questionnaire upon a discount card receipt, filling out an order form, concluding an agreement, registering on your website, etc.).

About service

QuantumTec is one of the leaders of the SMS-mailing legitimate market. The company offers high-quality and efficient services, as well as full and transparent online reporting.

We offer a streamlined, high-tech business tool to inform customers conveniently and quickly. Our technologies are widely used in retail, by official bodies, financial institutions, insurance and IT companies, online stores, transport, postal / courier services, various delivery services and many other companies.

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QuantumTec possesses all the modern SMS informing service specifications and technologies providing a reliable, secure, flexible and convenient setup of your own SMS informing service.

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Service integration with external business automation systems using convenient API.